Study in Eilat

Planning to study? How about study in Eilat-the most popular southernmost city in Israel

The country’s economic development greatly depends on the literacy rate of the particular place and Israel is one of them. The national culture of Israel promotes education and also boosts its economic development by encouraging education at all levels.

So the students planning to study abroad must not miss this highly valued country that is known for its higher education system. Study in Eilat offers a range of benefits to the students seeking to pursue an education abroad.

Let’s have a look at some of the benefits associated with studying in Israel:

  1. You can get exciting internship options:

Israel is not just a tourist destination as it has been in the limelight for its numerous entrepreneurship and innovation programs. And Technion-the Israel Institute of Technology has played a great role in making the country renowned for its technological works. Nearly 85% of the Technion graduates are employed in prominent IT companies offering great IT solutions.

Whether you opt for short-term courses or yearly ones, Technion University always strives hard to offer numerous benefits to the students enrolled in study abroad programs. Various professional internships are offered at top IT companies offering students with a top-notch experience that will help them in their future jobs and entrepreneurship.

Students who enroll for full-time undergraduate programs also get the opportunity to work in a real-world environment and thus get hands-on experience in their specific field.

  1. World Class Education facilities:

Many universities in Israel are known for its triumphs and milestones achieved. Technion along with other universities like Tel Aviv University and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem is recognized around the globe for its accomplishments in the science and technology sector.

These universities are listed in the top 50 universities in the world for offering engineering and computer education. So for the ones who are looking to study in Eilat, Israel can be assured of getting high-end facilities, internships, and world-class faculty.

  1. You get the opportunity to experience the cultural heritage of the country:

Along with receiving the high-class education, you will get the opportunity to visit some of the magnificent places which are famous tourist destinations. You can experience the beautiful port city namely Haifa that is a multicultural port where people of different religions and communities used to live together years ago. So along with education, you can enjoy the beauty around and cherish these moments later on.