relocating checklist

So if you are planning for relocation and searching for a checklist, you are in the right place. It’s the right time to make a plan for your relocation. So to make things easier for you, I have compiled up a checklist that will help you out in your moving. 

Usually, people start planning a week or two in advance, but I would suggest planning a month before in order to comfortably shift to another location without any hassle. Moving overseas takes a lot of time and effort, so it is important to start a bit early so as to avoid any confusion. The most important step in planning a move is to hire an international moving company that will do all the packing, moving, and resettling for you. 

Here are some crucial things you need to take notice of before moving:

  1. Inform your landlord in advance if living in a rented house:

It is important to give notice to your landlord regarding your move and to accede with any obligations required from your side.

  1. Make any repairs if necessary before walking out from the house:

The security you’ve deposited depends upon the condition in which you leave the place. Usually, landlords want back the house in a way they have given it to you. So in case you have painted the walls of your choice or have done something different in the house, you may have to repaint the walls again with white color and has to move everything in its place. 

Also, make any repairs required in the kitchen or washrooms and determine any other responsibilities in order to avoid any arguments or confusion before moving out. 

  1. Make sure you cancel all the home services you have subscribed to: 

Find out which services you are using and contact the companies to request them to discontinue the same as you won’t be using the services anymore. These are some of the services you should stop availing before leaving the place:

  • Electricity 
  • Cable TV
  • LPG cylinder
  • Garbage collector 
  • Water supply 
  • Wifi services
  • Telephone 
  • Cleaning services 
  • Garden service 
  • Newspaper subscriptions

Well, these were some things that you must consider while moving to a new location. However, the other things such as packing and moving the stuff you want to take to your new home will be managed by the international household moving companies that cater to all your needs as per your requirements.