Medical Cannabis at Super Pharm

Medical Cannabis at Super Pharm – the new home of medical cannabis

As of April 2019, medical cannabis can be found at Super Pharm. As part of the reform of the new home of medical cannabis in Israel. As part of the Ministry of Health’s pilot project last year, 31 out of the 50 pharmacies that started the reform were Super-Pharm, and when you look at the large picture nationwide, the distribution is not expected to change too much – medical cannabis at Super Pharm.

Anyone who wants to buy medical cannabis at Super Pharm will have to search for branches of the chain that have already entered the plan to sell medical cannabis, because of not all of its branches in Israel, or even close to it, have already started sales.

What Pharmacy Needs To Sell Medical Cannabis

A new pharmacy that wants to sell medical cannabis needs to be approved by the Ministry of Health and the NCO unit, which, contrary to what you may think, is not too complicated. The goal of the process is to meet the new Ministry of Health standard for the sale of medical cannabis – a standard called the IMC-GSP, designed to regulate the entire market in uniform regulation and to ensure species problems (“leakage” for the general population, for example) for the enforcement authorities.

So what needs a pharmacy to sell medical cannabis? All in all, a security clearance signed by the Ministry of Health. In order to obtain such approval, three steps must be taken:

Application for LIC

This application must be submitted by a qualified pharmacist, who has also passed a certification course for the Cannabis Pharmacist of the Ministry of Health.

Security files

A file is signed by the security officer, which includes details of the protective measures that are in place there. Following is a list of the protective measures defined by the Ministry of Health:
Closed circuit security cameras 24/7
Alarm – a complete backup system
It is recommended (very) – panic buttons next to the pharmacists’ positions, to the security company’s center


Business licensing is valid and fully complies with the Pharmacy Department standard, like any pharmacy operating under the law.
A safe and secure safe, according to an exact standard – depending on the number of cannabis products stored in it.

A pharmacy that meets all these criteria will be able to start selling medical cannabis immediately upon the start of the full reform, probably in August. Until then, the Ministry of Health has been gradually expanding the pilot phase of the reform, which went on far longer than expected, and it is not known whether the medical cannabis reform will begin at the time scheduled for May.