Medical Cannabis Reform

Medical cannabis patients in Israel, as well as people who wanted to be treated or were previously treated, know what a “medical cannabis license” is. This is a document issued by the Ministry of Health that gives patients the right to consume legal medical cannabis – a document that is no longer valid now. The new post-reform method moves to another main concept: the Cannabis Prescription. Prescribing it still issues a specialist, but in a process that should be simpler and faster overall systemically; Without the involvement of the Hikar, the Ministry of Health or the medical cannabis companies.

The implementation of the actual reform, although not the case, actually began on 31.8.19, but is still a constant (and informal) rejection every day, in parallel with the growth of the new method currently underway in 38 advanced pharmacies in the country. Under the new method, a medical cannabis license has “turned its skin” and is henceforth called a “medical cannabis prescription.” The bottom line is not much of a difference, except one of the main – and important – distinctions between the two: the validity of the register. A medical cannabis prescription, unlike a medical cannabis license, is a one-time certificate that requires renewal in order to continue to reach the pharmacy and purchase the drug through the prescription. Instead of a company to which the license is associated, the new prescription specifies the appropriate product type and where the patient can purchase it from the manufacture of Each of the companies offering it.

A number of cannabis companies themselves will grow as part of the reform implementation. Instead of just eight cannabis companies that have dominated the medical cannabis market in Israel, the reform allows free activity of anyone who wants to enter the field, provided, of course, that it meets the criteria of the Ministry of Health. So far, 7 new companies have received ‘active approval’, with another 50 other companies waiting to receive similar approval. Under the new method, the towers do not work directly with the patients, but provide products to the pharmacies, where the patients can choose their son according to the license / prescription issued to them.

So what should I do to get a new cannabis license (more so than the “cannabis register”)? How can a prescription be renewed after one-time use? The answer is simple: the majority remains the same, including the criteria (labels) that define a degree of eligibility for medical cannabis. What has changed? Not much, but something nonetheless.