Information about medical cannabis 2020 certification

When talking about medical cannabis approval 2020 seems to be an optimistic year, in which we hope that there will be a change in granting the cannabis Ministry of Health approval to more patients. Today, the criteria for receiving medical cannabis are rigid, and only patients with the most serious illness or extreme pain receive approval from the Ministry of Health cannabis, even after a long process.

The hope is that issuing a cannabis 2020 permit will be a simpler and shorter process for people who need it. There are many diseases, some physical and some mental, which are helped by medical cannabis on a daily basis and without it can not function. However, due to the rigorous criteria, they are not eligible for approval from the Ministry of Health Cannabis and have to deal in other ways. Many such cases choose to consume cannabis illegally and not to say expensive, as they have no other way to function.

We wish that the Cannabis 2020 approval would include more diseases in the list of criteria, thus facilitating more people’s daily functioning. There are people who suffer from pain regularly, whose lives can change end-to-end with cannabis when they are not even aware of it.

Many people turn to us for assistance in issuing a permit to the Cannabis Ministry of Health, as we have extensive experience in the field and endless successes.

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