How to get a medical cannabis license after the reform?

After reviewing the eligibility for licensed medical cannabis, in accordance with the old standards on the label list, the next step is to contact a specialist physician relevant to the patient’s field of illness. This request can be private, or with the help of a family doctor to a health care specialist who can save time and money. Since there is no change in existing medical labels, there is no change in the doctors to whom to refer – except that they need to be certified by the Ministry of Health Medical Cannabis Prescriptions.

Issuing a prescription is being done with the Ministry of Health through a new Internet system, accessible to both the doctor and the patient. In this system, the specialist will enter the application together with all relevant documents, where if the application is approved by the Ministry of Health it will become a one-time prescription, which the patient can download from the site and use directly in one of the relevant pharmacies.

After using the received prescription, as mentioned, it is necessary to reissue it because it is a one-time prescription that cannot be automatically renewed in a procedure that does not require a doctor. It is important to remember that the renewal of the prescription is contingent on three-month follow-up by the physician approving the continuation of treatment.

What should be done to renew a cannabis license after the new regulation?

The renewal of a cannabis prescription is very similar to the renewal of a cannabis license and also includes another appointment with the same specialist who pre-registered the original prescription. Assuming that the treatment of cannabis does not cause the patient special problems, and that he needs it consistently and properly while completing a consumption schedule and follow-up documenting his progress and success, a specialist physician is expected to approve the regeneration without problems. After the specialist’s approval, the prescription renewal is again passed to the Ministry of Health, and the process map is progressing like the first time the prescription was issued.

Because there is access to the relevant information system on the part of the patient as well – without the need to make an appointment with the doctor (which, of course, is relevant after the first appointment and opening the application on the doctor’s side) – you can enter all your important documents, a situation that did not exist until today, where documents can be delivered Not in person but through a secure system under medical secrecy