Medical Cannabis in Israel

What the status of medical cannabis in Israel?

Medical cannabis in Israel is a field that has existed in Israel for more than a decade, but despite the state’s status as a “medical cannabis power”, the field has not yet “found itself” in the modern health system. Medical cannabis in Israel began in 2008 with a limited number of patients who received a home-grown permit, and today about 40,000 people are expected to receive cannabis soon through pharmacies. Medical Cannabis in Israel – Since then:

Cannabis Medical Israel, now known worldwide as a breakthrough in the world of cannabis plant research and medical care, began its path in the green market in 2008, in which the Ministry of Health approved several dozen patients with serious diseases to grow cannabis for their own use.

This framework of a home-grown Cannabis permit, made individually at the patient’s home without the support or orderly framework of the Ministry of Health and the other authorities, was the beginning of medical cannabis in Israel just like in the US Those patients who receive this permit actually become masters and responsible themselves, And are allowed to deal with themselves in a method that seems to them the best.

Within a relatively short period of less than two years, the Ministry of Health revoked the permits for the home growth that remained in the hands of the few surviving patients, and also survived the many bureaucratic processes that were woven over time. During this period, the residential growth licenses were converted to medical cannabis licenses, which grant the holder the right to receive medical cannabis in Israel through an authorized cannabis provider working in coordination with the health and security authorities.

This method developed over the years and some of the suppliers that have developed over time have managed to expand and emerge from the limited framework of the Ministry of Health, with emphasis on Tikkun Olam, which was the first to operate in the market and is now the largest company that operates in it significantly. The distribution system between suppliers and customers, with the Ministry of Health becoming a range only, became the only way to obtain medical cannabis in Israel for 8 years until Litzman arrived.

Medical cannabis reform

The Litzman reform, also known as the medical cannabis reform, is the next stage of the Israeli cannabis market. The stage that has yet to be reached is already here, at least with half a foot in the face when the Ministry of Health defines the current situation as a “pilot” before the full implementation of the program.

According to the full model of the Litzman reform, the previous model of direct distribution to customers by the supplier is canceled and replaced by a new model whereby vendors sell the goods to the pharmacies through factories and warehouses, and this is the unit that sells medical cannabis in Israel to customers themselves.

Cannabis Medical Pharmacies

In this model, there are no more cannabis licenses that are suitable for a particular provider, but instead, there are medical cannabis prescriptions, which specify one or more specific products that the recipient of the prescription may buy at the pharmacy. With the same prescription, the patient can access any pharmacy in Israel (which will approve the sale of medical cannabis, after the reform will finally begin) and buy the product he wants.

In the current situation, there are about 40 people who receive medical cannabis in Israel, and the hand is still on, especially in the field of pain patients. Of these, barely a few dozen individual patients have so far received their prescriptions and drug from a pharmacy, so it is not expected that the reform will come into forcefully and soon.

Finally, after the reform comes into effect, the number of prescriptions for cannabis is expected to rise dramatically, according to the health number. In the meantime, those 40,000 are waiting breathlessly to see whether the reform is indeed beginning to take shape and not only failures and whether medical cannabis in Israel is really going to become a medical branch of pharmacies only.